Congrats, Chelsea!

Today we are excited to announce that Chelsea Rhines has been promoted to Office Director.


After graduating from University of Georgia, Chelsea started with us in February as a Business Account Consultant.  Due to Chelsea’s passion for the business and the team, we moved her into the Office Director position in just 3 short months.

We are thrilled to have her join the Human Resources team.  Buckhead Business Consulting knows that Chelsea is just the person to assist with recruiting and hiring.  In this position, she will have the chance to go to other offices to train and develop others.  This new role also gives her the opportunity to accompany the Managing Partners to various regional and national conferences.  We know that with her bright and outgoing personality she will be amazing in her new role!

Huge Congratulations Chelsea!




To see more about Chelsea and Buckhead Business Consulting, visit us online at:

Buckhead Business Consulting Travels the U.S. and More!

Buckhead Business Consulting is constantly traveling around the country, and most recently the UK.  Buckhead Business Consulting believes in traveling in order to grow and expand the business.  Traveling provides us the opportunity to learn, network, and see other cultures and areas.  Follow our new travel blog in order to keep up with our most recent travel experience.


Our first post will allow you to read about our most recent trip to the UK, previously mentioned in this blog.  Upcoming posts include our trip to Denver and our Assistant Managing Partner visiting Boston this week.  Stay tuned!

Buckhead Business Consulting - Around Atlanta and the Globe

Buckhead Business Consulting – Around Atlanta and the Globe

Britain Bound!

We are excited to announce that our Managing Partner, Sarah Horning, will be traveling to London, England in order to initiate the expansion to the European market. She will be working abroad the last week in March to train and prepare for the opportunity a global market will provide. While in the UK, Sarah will be coaching, training, and researching the aspects of working within the British marketplace. Sarah is thrilled about what this implies for our office. “This new market allows our Atlanta employees not only the chance to explore the world through travel, but also by interacting with other cultures and learning other methods of conducting business outside of American borders.”

This trip is the beginning of an expansion effort that will give our employees the opportunity to learn more about global markets, new cultures, and the ability to work with more clients. We are so excited that we have the benefit of being able to cross international borders and continue our expansion efforts across the globe!


Living the Local Life

Buckhead Business Consulting understands the value of supporting the local businesses in Atlanta. There are countless stores, restaurants, boutiques, and markets that make Atlanta, Georgia unique and appealing. Finding the local gems is half the fun of living in such a vibrant area.

1925249_623620111020570_955592281_nEvery week we have an office night and find a new local hotspot to patron while developing professional relationships amongst our people. In the past, we have had the opportunity to frequent some local restaurants and bars including Ormsby’s RestaurantCorner Tavern, and Bone Garden Mexican Cantina, which happen to be across the street from our office. We also have enjoyed the trivia, music, and flavor that Red Brick Brewing Company and the Atlanta Food Trucks have to offer. Fellini’s is another favorite for excellent pizza after an exciting game of kickball in Memorial Park around the corner. Learning to kickbox at X3 Sports has been one of the more active team nights we have had. We all left excited and ready for more!1462993_588501724532409_1218321782_n (1)

We are always looking for new and entertaining places to visit with our team. Supporting the local businesses is just one of the ways we can give back to the community.  If you have any suggestions for a great team night atmosphere, leave a comment!

Del Mundo

travel-world-clouds-concept-24540428Aquí a Buckhead Business Consulting, tenemos muchas personas de distintos países. Nuestros empleados son ricos en diversidad y tienen muchos talentos, incluyendo la habilidad de hablar otros lenguajes. Tenemos personas de varios paises de America del Sur y distintas partes de Asia. También,  hay personas que estudiaron otros lenguajes  y han encontrado la oportunidad de usar sus talentos en un ambiente de trabajo. Nuestro equipo es multicultural y estamos buscando por personas que se unan a nuestra compañía.

Tener personas de diferentes países nos da la oportunidad de expandir nuestros conocimientos de distintas costumbres y culturas. Uno de nuestros pasatiempos favoritos es compartir comidas y recetas de alrededor del mundo. Desde platos de comida Hindu tradicional hasta comidas tipicas Venezolanas.  ¿Quieres una carrera donde puedes utilizar todos tus talentos y habilidades? ¡Aplica aquí!

Here at Buckhead Business Consulting, we have many people from different countries working with us. Our employees are rich in diversity and have many talents, including the ability to speak other languages. We have people from various parts of South America as well as parts of Asia. We also have people that have studied languages and have found the opportunity to use their talents in work environment. Having people from other backgrounds allows us the opportunity to learn about other cultures and expand our knowledge of other customs and people.  A favorite pastime of ours is sharing foods and recipes from around the world. Meals from traditional Indian dinners to Venezuelan Christmas dinners have been shared in the office. Would you like a career where you can utilize all of your talents and abilities? Apply here!

Award Winners!

We would like to congratulate the Buckhead Business Consultants for winning the Quill Award! We competed across the nation against 700 other representatives and our team received the first place award! Our Consultants work hard every day and it certainly shows. We are so proud of them and cannot wait for more awards to come! Way to go, team!

Award Winners!

Office Director Shirley Rodriguez (left) with Managing Partner Sarah Horning (right).

Assistant Manager Katie Solsten Transfers to Denver!

Recently, one of our Assistant Managing Partners, Katie Solsten, has been offered the opportunity to transfer to our Denver office in Colorado. She has been with us for quite a while and will be greatly missed, however we are incredibly excited for her and this incredible opportunity to make a difference in her first move outside the state of Georgia. Below are some of her thoughts on her time spent at Buckhead Business Consulting.

“Working at Buckhead Business Consulting for the past two years has developed me professionally and personally in many ways. Coming into the business world, I had no experience in sales, marketing, or management. I kept to myself and was not very outspoken. Since joining the team, I’ve been able to improve my public speaking skills exponentially. I have become stronger in my skills of persuasion and have learned the importance of being one’s self. Most importantly, I’ve learned the value of working for my co-workers to help them meet their goals. All the training at Buckhead Business Consulting, has helped me become a more confident and motivated woman. Training and helping others reach their goals has become one of my greatest strengths and I am so grateful to have been able to learn from the best! I am constantly learning from everyone I come in contact with. Not only do I learn from other Consultants and Managing Partners, but also the business owners and entrepreneurs I meet daily.

Being part of Buckhead Business Consulting has also given me the opportunity to travel the United States for the first time in my life. I can now say I have been to Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix, New Orleans, Savannah, and Nashville. These experiences have made me more well-rounded and cultured. I successfully reached my goal of becoming an Assistant Managing Partner at Buckhead Business Consulting and now have even higher goals of helping to give others the same opportunity to grow as a person. Buckhead Business Consulting is not just a place where you have coworkers, but develop long lasting relationships and friends. I am very excited to be able to help out one of my best friends and Managing Partner, Meredith Noulis, in Denver, CO. I know I am going to learn so much from her and everyone in her office.  I am destined to help grow their office and exceed all expectations for growth of the company. This opportunity is going to continue to put me outside of my comfort zone by moving across country for the first time. I’m excited to be able to become more independent and open my eyes to new experiences.”


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