Nation’s Best and Brightest Company to Work For

Buckhead Business Consultants, an award winning sales and marketing buckhead-business-consultants-bestandbrightestfirm, was recently named a Best and Brightest Company to Work For.

“This is a huge honor and belongs to the team”, says Managing Partner, Amber.  The team at Buckhead  Business Consultants consistently exceeds expectations for our clients, customers, and employees, so although a surprise, it was much deserved.

Best and Brightest categories that we excelled in are:
– Diversity and inclusion
– Employee Enrichment, engagement and retention
– Employee education and development and
– Strategic company performance

Our team collaborates to drive company performance at all levels in a proactive and meaningful way.  We are connected to our work and firm, further driving retention.  We attempt to understand and adapt to our teams needs by looking at the team as a whole and understanding each individual, as well as the work environment.  By continuing to create an environment that encourages and supports career development, we will maintain the path to growth for our firm and the team.

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Meet Our Newest Managing Partner!

Buckhead Business Consultants would like to introduce our newest Managing Partner, Amber.Amber-french-leaderphoto.jpeg

Amber has most recently become the Managing Partner at Buckhead Business Consultants.  Graduating from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, she has become a huge asset to the team.

Path to Partner:  “I began with previous business to business sales experience with a corporate company.  I left because there was no upward mobility.  I was attracted to the firm because of the opportunity for growth, and because I wanted to work with successful women in business.  I started in the entry level position and have worked my way to partnership and am still continuing to develop my skills each day.  This will ensure I am able to pass on the same opportunity I had to our team here.  The amazing team environment and the opportunity continue to motivate me daily.  I am working side by side with my best friends, having fun, and helping them change their lives.  I love being able to make a big difference in someone’s life for the better.  Not only can you provide a great life for yourself, but you can help create great lives for anyone who is willing to work hard.”
A word to her team:  “My team is amazing.  Each one of them is hardworking, personable, ambitious, and they all have great student mentalities. I really feel like we are a team. We have really come together. We know our strengths and weaknesses, and balance each other out well. I am so excited to see what we will be able to accomplish in the next year, the next five, and then ten.”
What this promotion means:  “This promotion means that all the hard work I have put in over the last several years has paid off.  For the team, this is the beginning.  I did not get to Managing Partner over night and all the experience I have gained over the last several years, I plan on using to coach them.  So they too can reach their goals, and do it faster than I did.  This is the strongest team we have built and we will now build on that strength.”
3 Things she can’t leave home without:  “Phone, Wallet, and Epipen.” Phone for communication.  It’s important to stay connected.  Wallet, because you need money.  Epipen, because I am allergic to everything.”
“Why put off for tomorrow what you can get done today? Live each day to its fullest.”
Congratulations to Amber and her team.  This is just a stepping stone in her career and we are looking forward to seeing her excel in her new role.
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New Expansion – Austin, TX

It is a goal for Buckhead Business Consulting to have offices around the U.S.  Most recently, the firm expanded into Austin, TX.  Managing Partner, Taylor, took a team and opened the location just one month ago today.  Since then, the team is doing big things!  The firm is producing great results for our client and is continuing to grow rapidly in the city.

Buckhead-business-consultingaustin teamTaylor is one of the hardest working people I know, says CEO Jessica.  Starting in June of 2013, Taylor was attracted to the work hard play hard mentality of Buckhead Business Consulting.  Since being with the firm, he has really learned to maximize his full potential, both personally and professionally.  He is excited to provide others with the same opportunities that he was provided, such as mentoring, coaching, traveling, development, leadership, and management.  Taylor says, “My favorite part about this career is the genuine friendships I have made along the way.”

Taylor is continuing to do his part by coming through for not only the team, but the client.  He plans on hitting all expectations and bonuses in his first few months open to be able to continue to grow the firm.  He also has high retention, retaining quality customers for our client.  Being open just a month, Taylor has hit the ground running.

A book that he recommends that has helped him become more successful is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.  When asking him what is in his briefcase on a daily basis, he says, ” My Covey Planner, my cell phone, correction tape, and a list of his team.”  He also says he always has a coffee in hand!  “A planner is key in running a business.  One must plan not only daily, but weekly and monthly to make sure we are on track to hit goals.  And as for the correction tape, well, it’s a must have!  It’s okay to make mistakes, move things around, and add things to the schedule and as a manager, the change constantly keeps me on my toes.”

When asked to give some advice to a new person starting here, Taylor was brief by saying, “Carpe Diem”.  This firm has taught me so much and you just need to make the most of the present in order to hit your goals in the future.

Buckhead Business Consulting is thrilled to see the location doing so well under Taylor’s supervision and is looking forward to our next expansion.  Stay tuned for updates in Austin and more cities across the U.S.
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Valeria is Promoted to Assistant Managing Partner!

Buckhead Business Consulting is excited to officially announce Valeria’s promotion to Assistant Managing Partner.  Valeria Buckhead Business Consulting

Today, the management staff announced Valeria’s promotion during meetings.  Not only has Valeria been one of the top Corporate Trainers at Buckhead Business Consulting, but she has now proven she can duplicate herself with a strong, high performing team.  Her promotion today is just a stepping stone in her career path to client management.

Valeria’s new role will allow her to be part of  the decision making processes, talent scouting, financials, and overseeing a larger team.buckhead business consulting valeria promotion

She attributes her success to her mother.  “She is a huge inspiration to me.  She taught me to have a great work ethic at a very young age and I’m thankful for that”, says Valeria.

Valeria would also like to thank her team.  “This promotion is not just about me.  It is about the team and a team win.  I couldn’t have done it without the great support system at Buckhead Business Consulting.”

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Buckhead Business Consulting travels to Dallas

Each year the management team from Buckhead Business Consulting travels for our Kick-Off Meeting.  This year, the meeting was in Dallas, TX.

To learn more about our travel at Buckhead Business Consulting, check out our Travel Blog. 

Buckhead Business Consulting Dallas, TXThese meetings consist of recognition for our hard work in the previous year, as well as goal setting for the current year.  This year, our team got recognized for our outstanding performance in 2014!  Not only did we expand into a new market, we are set to expand again in the upcoming months and double in size by years end.

The team was able to network with top performers in the industry, while learning on such topics as talent scouting, finances, leadership development, and marketing techniques.

We were also given new client objectives and targets for the year along with upcoming projects and philanthropy events.

The event was finished with a black tie dinner to give awards and recognition.  Congratulations to everyone at Buckhead Business Consulting on another great year.  Looking forward to making 2015 even bigger!

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Buckhead Business Consulting is a Best Place to Work!

Buckheaatlanta business chronicle buckhead business consultingd Business Consulting is named a Best Place to Work in Atlanta by the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

Buckhead Business Consulting was chosen to receive this recognition based on employee feedback and the company’s aggressive growth in the last year. The culture at Buckhead Business Consulting is one that encourages the entrepreneurial spirit through mentorship and hands-on training. Buckhead Business Consulting invests in its people and has proven itself a top Best Places To Work Winners_logo-2014-01company, dedicated to the success of its team.

For more details, read the entire article online!

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Buckhead Business Consulting Gives Back

Buckhead Business Consulting Car WashBuckhead Business Consulting gives back to the community in various ways each year.  Most recently, the team hosted a free car wash to raise funds and awareness for Operation Smile.  In just a few short hours, the firm was able to raise enough money for one child to have a free, life changing, surgery.

Buckhead Business Consulting always finds ways to give back the community.  In the past, the team has done work with Atlanta’s Dress for Success, Foodbanks, and Operation Smile.  Now, with all of the talk and awareness made to ALS, the team will be attending this year’s Third Annual Dine-Out Benefit for ALS, in memory of Larry Collins.  The event is being held at Vickerys in Glenwood Park this Thursday, September 4th, from 6-11pm.  The team will be attending to show their support, donate, raise awareness, and network with the local community.  A portion of the sales for the day will be donated, along with raffles, drawings, and Bingo!

“Giving back to the community is a great way for small businesses to allow our colleagues to collaborate for a greater cause,” says Jessica.  “We are fortunate to have so many great people at Buckhead Business Consulting that jump on board for any and all charity events.  It allows the team to broaden their experience and learn new things that they are passionate about.”

The staff is looking forward to this week’s event!  For more information, please call our Human Resources Department.


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